Little Cars, Big Time Racing!

Amarillo Micro-Midget Raceway (AMMR) was established in 1959 as a non-profit organization for the residents of Amarillo and its surrounding areas. AMMR takes great pride in promoting and providing a drug free environment for its racers, their families and the general public while at the same time promoting sportsmanship and the thrill of competition.

The 2010 season is fast approaching and we couldn't be more excited! We have several big events scheduled this year including the 1st Annual $500 to win Amarillo Summer Sizzler, the 1st Annual North & South Shootout to be ran at 2 different tracks (Amarillo Micro Midget Raceway & Tri State Speedway) on back to back nights, and the 2nd Annual $2000 to win Amarillo Micro Nationals. We will also be holding 2 Demolition Derbies this year, one on Memorial Day weekend and one on Labor Day weekend. Take a look at our schedule of events by clicking the "Race Schedule" tab and mark you calendars accordingly. We look forward to seeing everyone at the track this year and assure you that you will never leave dissapointed! This is sure to be one of the best racing seasons we ever had at Amarillo Micro Midget Raceway!!!!!!!!!!!


Current News & Events

 The Amarillo Micro Nationals scheduled for the weekend of August 14th have been canceled due to medical issues. Please check back for dates of future weekly races.    

The 2010 Amarillo Micro MIdget Raceway sponsorship proposal is completed and we have 500 copies that are ready for distribution. Our club relies heavily upon outside sponsorship and donations in order to successfuly operate fron year to year. If you know of anyone tha may be interested in helping the club out, big or small as anything helps, have them call either Danny Davidson (806.517-1155) or Ray McPherson (806.676.9779) for a sponsorship proposal. The sponsorship proposals can also be emailed so if that would be easier just let us know and we will get them sent out to all interested parties.

***ATTENTION ALL RACES TEAMS*** There will be no races held this week (5/5) at AMMR due to lack of car count. We have had and have made several calls to find out who would be running and so far it looks like we won't have but 3 "B" cars and 4 "A" cars wanting to race so we decided at last nights club meeting that we would go ahead and cancel. The club felt it was better to not race than not put on a good show. I guess all the racing over the last two weeks has taken a toll on everyone including a couple of cars and at least 4 motors. Oh, by the way, we have also decided to postpone the Summer Sizzler money race that was scheduled for June 11th & 12th due to lack of sponsorship monies recieved to date. Now we will concentrate on the 2nd annual Amarillo Micro Nationals which we know will be a success. So everyone enjoy your week off and we'll see ya'll on the 12th. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have cause.

8/10/10 THE 2ND ANNUAL AMARILLO MICRO NATIONALS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!!!!!! No make up date has been scheduled at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused due to the late notice of the cancellation.

5-30-10 Don't forget about tomorrow nights meeting. It will be held as usual at the Eastridge Lanes bowling alley at 7:00pm in the meeting room. We will be discussing the pro/cons of the North & South Shootout, track needs, upcoming money races and many other things so please make arrangments to attend. If you are unable to attend and you have a concern that you want addressed call either Danny (806.517.155) or Ray (806.676.9779) at your convenience so we can get your concern listed on the meeting agenda. Remeber, if your not there to vote or don't let us know your concerns you have no right to complain when something is voted on that you do not agree with! We are a club and it takes every member to be successful! 

5-29-10 WOW! What a weekend! Although we didn't get the points totaled, everyone paid and the winners announced till nearly 4am Sunday morning, the general concensus is that the 1st Annual North & South Shootout was a success and most everyone we spoke to can't wait to do it again next year (I think we will start Saturday's show a little earlier next year, what do you think?). Be sure to check out the point totals on the "Race Results" page to see who the big winners were and the total point each driver accumulated during the two day show. A special thanks goes out to the QRC Winged Outlaws from Lubbock and Wichita Falls that came to race with us. You guys put on an amazing show and are welcome at both tracks anytime. I know I heard more than once throughout both days "I want one of those". Once again, thanks for making the trip. To all of the volunteers that graciously donated your time, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Without your help this event would have never made it off the ground. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Last but not least (by any means), to the drivers, their pit crews, friends, and families....You are the reason both of these tracks are what they are and without you these tracks would be nothing but open fields on the side of the road so THANK YOU!

5-27-10 Sorry for the delay in getting the website updated as there have been a lot of things going on the last few weeks. Race results for 5-8 have been posted and we hope to have the race results from last weeks (5-22) double header posted later tonight. If you were unable to make it to last weeks races then you missed a great time with some amazing racing. Athough it was a VERY long night it was a hugh success with nearly 20 cars in 2 classes trying to get their cars dialed in for this weekends Nort & South Shootout. The North & South Shootout is a 2 day show with night one being held at Tri-State Speedway and night 2 being held at AMMR. Gates will open at 5pm and racing will start at 8pm both nights. General admission is only $5 per person each night. Driver entry fee will be $20 at each track and an additional $10 per driver to run in multiple classes. We hope to see each and everyone of you this weekend! 

5-14-10 Raced are cancelled for tomorrow due to heavy rains! We'll see everyone next weekend as we will try to run a double header to make up for the lost race. Keep checking the website and forum for up to information and revised start times.

5-6-10 ***Attention all club members and visiting racers of AMMR. The 2010 rule books are completed and will be distributed at next weeks races. Please make sure you get a copy when registering to race. A link to the rule book is also posted on the links page if you would like to download a copy prior to this weekend. You may have to create a google documents account if yo do not already have a gmail account but it only takes a few seconds to complete. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it was the only way we had to post the rules on the website.

5-3-10 Well our first race of the year was not what we were hoping for with a total car count of 17 in three classes and 3 cars in the "A" class losing motors well before the feature races but it was non the less race time again in Amarillo and the mood was juvial. Check our new race results page for all of the race results from the "A", "B" & Restrictor class races. Congratulations to Caleb Lovelady, Tom Burkhalter & Jay Ball for their feature wins in their respective classes. We hope to see everyone and more this coming weekend as we do it all again!  

4-20-10 Just a reminder that the reserved pit spots are going quick so if you want to park in the same spot all year give either myself (Ray 806.676.9779) or Danny a call (806.571.1155) ASAP so you can claim your spot and it only cost $25!

If Mother Nature plays nice and we get to practice this weekend please plan on coming out a little early. We have lost every other work day up to this point due to either rain or snow and we could really use the help around the track before we practice. The pit gates will be open around 10:00am and we will start practicing around 2:00pm.

4-16-10 Well we were hoping for a small miracle but it don't look like it will happen so we have no choice but to cancel the work / practice day that was scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully this rain will stop and the sun will shine for a few days and we can try again next weekend! Keep your fingers crossed, have a great weekend and we will see ya'll next weekend! 

4-13-10 Mark your calendars! May 28th & 29th will be the 1st Annual North & South Shootout between Amarillo Micro Midget Raceway and Tri-State Speedway! Both clubs have worked extremelly hard to put this show on for our racers and our fans and we guarantee you will have a blast! Classes running will be the 600cc "A" Class, 600cc Restrictor Class and the 250cc "B" Class. In addition to the midgets, we will also have 250cc & 500cc Winged Outlaw Karts running a show of their own. If you've never seen the Outlaw Karts run you are in for a great show. Topping off the 2 day event will be the Demolition Derby held Saturday night at Amarillo Micro Midget Raceway after the completion of the feature races to determine the Champions of the North & South Shootout. Pit passes will be $15 per person, driver & entry fee will be $20 per person ($10 additional to run multiple class) and $5 for General Admission. We look forward to seeing everyone on Memorial Day weekend! 

FYI...Visity your local O'Reillys Auto Parts and pick up a free copy of this months Fast Lane paper. Their is a good artical about the Texhoma Shootout (World of Wheels) that was held this past February. The artical not only mentions many of our local drivers it also talks about our 2 big money races that we are going to hold this year. So hurry and get your copy before their all gone! This is recognition and advertising that we need to help our club grow to its full potential! Special thanks to Mark w/ Fast Lane!!!!! 

2-8-10 A big thank you goes out to everyone that atttended this months club meeting. We had a great turnout and feel that it will only get better as time goes on. If anyone that was unable to attend would like to become a member give me a call (806-676-9779) and I will email you a membership & driver profile form that you can fill out and either mail back to me or bring them to next months meeting. Car numbers are going quick so don't wait to long to reserve yours.

Congratulations to all of the Amarillo drivers and teams that made the trip this past weekend to race in Wichita Falls at the Texhoma Shootout. Amarillo was represented well with 19 cars making the trip. I would also like to thank everyone that made the trip to support our racers. Theres nothing like hearing cheers and appluase coming from the grand stands when your name is called out over the PA system and I know the drivers appreciate it as well!

1-10-10  ***ATTENTION ALL CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE CLUB MEMBERS*** Our next club meeting will be held on Tuesday February 2nd, 2010 in the Eastridge Lanes meeting room at 7:00pm. This will be your first opportunity to pay your 2010 club dues ($25 individual / $50 family) and reserve your car number for the 2010 race season. The club will not be recognizing letters this year (you can run letters but we will only recognize the car #) so it is imperative that you attend this meeting in order to get the car number you want. Also, for an additional $25 you can reserve your pit spot for the 2010 race season as well. Once your spot is reserved it will be your parking spot for the entire season including all major races on the schedule. ***NOTE*** Last years drivers that raced a minimum of 75% of the races in 09 will automatically  retain their car number unless the so choose to register another number for the 2010 season.

1-5-10 Congratulations to Danny Davidson, Jordan McPherson, Michael Davidson, Morgan Dowdy, Caleb Lovelady, Jeremy Dockery, Joe Klonoski, Jay Ball, and Harold Lewis on their performances at the 2010 Tulsa Shootout. Although none of our local drivers made it to the "A" mains in their respective classes they all represented our club and Amarillo well and we are proud of them all. There was a lot of amazing racing over the 3 days and every one of our drivers delivered gutsy performances in their quest for the Golden Driller award! Visit for a complete listing of all of the race results.

***Over the off season the club will begin working on some major facility improvement and would appreciate any help we could get from our members and race teams. Within the next couple of weeks we will be posting a schedule of work days so you can put them on your schedule. Also, we are in need of construction materials such as lumber, fencing materials, electrical supplies, concrete, nails, drywall supplies and much more so if you have any of these materials or know anyone that might please call Danny (806-517-1155) or Ray (806-676-9779) and we will make the proper arrangements to pick up the donated items. Thank you in advance for any help large or small.

Please send me your photos to and I will get them posted on the site under the photo tab

                               2010 Club Officers & Board Members

Danny Davidson - President 806.517.1155

Ray McPherson - Vice President 806.676.9779

Suzie McPherson - Secretary

Lori Davidson - Treasurer

Doug Davidson - Chairman of the Board

Jubel Gillis - Board Member

Cory Heath - Board Member

Steve Dockery - Board Member

Mark Dallas - Board Member

Jeremy Dockery - Board Member (Alternate)